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Bandung by Bus

Good afternoon.This blog is about the public bus in Bandung. For ow, I just wrote about two routes. Dago to Leuwi Panjang and Leuwi Panjang to Ledeng. Dago is the well-known area in the north of town. Meanwhile, Ledeng is the transport hub if you want to visit Lembang.

The Bus Number 5 (Dago – Leuwi Panjang).

The bus is in very good condition and it has air condition which run all the way.

You can hop on at the bus shelter. But you have to waive your hand in order to stop the bus. If you don’t, then the bus will not stop. I start my trip from Jalan Merdeka. Jalan Merdeka is at the center of Bandung. You can have anything you want in this area (shop, food, mall, books, and so on). Jl. Merdeka have two bus shelter, one in front of the Yoyo Sports Store and In front of St Angela School, right across the exit gate of the Bandung Major Office.

The fare is Rp. 5.000 flat whther you travel short or long distance. From the Jl Merdeka, bus will get you to Jl Braga, beside the Bank Indonesia building. Here the bus stop for a while because there is a passanger  inspection. about 3 minutes later the bus depart and headed to Jl. Suniaraja then to Pasar Baru. In this area, bus run very slow to wait for passangers. From here, you will be taken to Tegal Lega, through Jl Otista. Along the way if you want to hop off, just tell the driver. You can stop at Jl Cibadak to shop for souvenir, at Jl Kapatihan to visit Yogya Dept Store or other stores. You can also stop here if you want to visit the Great Mosque. After reaching Tegal Lega, the bus will turn right and run along Jl Laswi before make the left turn into Jl Leuwi Panjang. You can stop at the Leuwi Panjang market or other point before it reached the main terminal.

You have to stop here. Leuwi Panjang is a transport hub if you want to go to other cities like Jakarta, Tasikmalaya, Ciamis. You can ask the office about the schedule.

I stop here and shange to the Bus Number 2.

The Bus Number 2 (Leuwi Panjang to Ledeng)

I waited for 10 minutes before the bus leave the terminal. The other major change is that the bus will not allow the salesman and tukang ngamen (person who sung and ask you money) while on the road. But when we waited, there are two pengamen and 5 salesman. This is a normal for Indonesia. But for the tourist the might experience inconvenience. The salesman just put their goods in your laps. But if you do not want it, just waive your hands/palm.

The trip took about 30 minutes to 45 minutes depend on the traffic. Today is a mild traffic. The journey to Ledeng will bring you pass

Jl Kopo, not much to see expect traffic and the Immanuel hospital

Pasir Koja, if you eat chinese food there are two old restaurant here Santung and Kong hu (not halal)

Astana Anyar, perfect place if you search the souvenir for your wedding or want to print your name card

Cibadak, stationary shop and place to eat (at night after 18.00)

Gardu Jati, used to be the centre for night life, but now you can still enjoy the street food along the way. Plenty of local delicious food. do not forge to ask the price first.

Paskal Hyper Square, definitely the night life centre. But you can also find interesting food in here. or maybe you want to sing in the karaoke.

The trip will pass the railway station, then head to Jl Pasir Kaliki, another food heaven in Bandung. There are several good hotel also. Sosis Pasir Kaliki is one of the oldest store.

At the end of the street you can stop the bus and headed to Istana Plaza. But if you enough with mall then you just continue the journey. The bus will pass Dr Cipto and Dr Otten. Not much to see in here.

After reach the traffic light the bus will turn right into Jl Sukajadi. Jl Sukajadi is an old street where you can find traditional shop along the way. The gold shop, furniture, fashion, minimarket, and others.

The major point here is Parijs van Java, one of the biggest mall in Bandung. At weekend you will have to spend a lot of time finding car park in here. If this is your first time in Bandung then you should stop and visit the mall.

After passing PVJ, the bus headed straight to Jl. Setiabudhi, famous for its Surabi near the NHI kampus.

Next point if Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia on your left side. You can stop to take a good photo of Isola Building.

from here, the Ledeng main terminal is not far away.

My stop is at the terminal. And I continue the journey with Angkot to Kalapa.

This is the end of my trip for today. I hope the bus route can help you understanding your bearing in Bandung.

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