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Down to the Memory Lane

We started very early this morning, just to catch the chicken rice ball stall, the famous one in Mallaca. It turn out they still close. According to the local the place will open at 9 am. So we continue our journey to the heritage site of Mallaca.


The first stop was the Christ Church Of Mallaca. Located next to Red Building, The Stadhuys. The building is under reconstruction. Because it is early morning, so there weren’t many tourists yet. We can explore a lot of angles to take the pictures. Our second stop, was the St. paul Hills, where there was a one church up hill. The church was already in ruin though. Several tomb erected inside the ruin, the oldest was the 1646. I think this place already served as a graveyard also. After taken some photos, we went to the A Famosa Fort, which also known as Santiago Fort,  it was only the ruin also. There, we can see the St Paul Hill on the background.



The third place in our itinerary was the chinese graveyard and the chinese temple called Poh San Teng located at Jl. Putri Hang Li Poh. The temple is one of the oldest in Mallaca. The place also known as Bukit China. We were not going uphill, because it only a cemetery and the view of Mallaca from above.

The next stop was the restaurant which served mie. We chose the restaurant because we saw a lot of customer inside. It turn out the dish is not too special, but it is allright. It cost us 7RM. One bowl of mie and  ice tea. We continue the trip to the traditional market nearby. The market is very small and no point of interest either. Local food is rare, mostly they sell veg and meat and other spices.


We called it the memory lane because on August 2006 we also stroll the same area. It is already more than 7 years. The sites stay the same, the city goes on with the modernity. More tourist come to Mallaca compare to our visit.

We continue the journey later ….

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