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How to apply Canada Visa

After taking a quite long break for more than six months, I try to update this blog. My first writing is about how to get Canada Visa. I choose this topic because I just got back from Canada and I have a wonderful time there. It is very far but beautiful. Most of the people are very friendly.

My trip to Canada began on March 2015 when I applied to the Sandwich program from Dikti Indonesia. I contacted Karen Korabik, the Professor in University of Guelph who once help me with my research.

Let’s start with the requirement for applying the visa. You need to have a passport which still had more than 6 months from the expired date. Since Canada government will issue multiple visa for all the applicant, I suggest you have a passport which still have a very long period before its expired. The reason is if you get the Canada visa, it will last one day before your passport’s expiration date.

Next requirement is the bank statement.

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