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Last mile in Malacca @ Jonker Street Night Market

This will be our last afternoon and evening in Malacca. We will depart to LCCT in KL at 11 pm. We already plan to walk down the memory lane once more at Jonker Street Night Market this last minute in Malacca.

The sun was still shinning up above even thou it was already 4. 30 pm. Jonker Street will open at 6 pm. So we still have some more time. We headed back to the Bukit China to see the Hang Li Poh’s Well. You think it is not worth it. So do we, but with nothing else to do we walked there. This Well is located besides the Poh San Teng Temple, we should saw it when first came to the temple. Once we got there, we were not to surprise to see only an abandoned well which told build by the Chinese Princess Hang Li Poh. This is the picture of the well, so you don’t have to be curious.

We left The Hang Li Poh’s Well toward the St Francis Xavier Church. This time the sun was already a bit down. So we can take a good picture from  thight angle. We even visit the church, which was just like any Catholic Church in Indonesia. They still have an old music instrument upstairs. We did not know whether it is still working or not. This is the St Francis Xavier Church. You can learn the history of the church from the website.

We bought the Melaka specialty, Kue Nanas just to tasted it once again. We pay RM 7 for 10 pieces.

On the way to the Well, we pass a small park full with doves, just near the St Francis Xavier Church. This usually the best moment to take some unique photo. Me and my wife won’t miss the opportunity. We took several shot just to make sure we get the best one. Here some of them….

We continue the walk Jonker Street and pass the Melaka Christ Church and Stadhuys. The place was overwhelmed by the visitors. A lot of people taking photograph of the Melaka Landmark. There were two western tourists who play music asking some donation. We also took the opportunity to shot some different angle than the previous visit.


Satisfied with the shot, we went directly to the Famous Jonker Street Night Market, which operated only at Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon (6pm) till evening (12 pm). On others day, they also open, but the vendors was very limited in numbers, and the car still allowed to pass the street. It was still 5.30 pm when we got there, so the vendors still busy with the preparation. We decided to go back to the hotel and wait till around 7 pm. 

At the hotel, we talked with the housekeeper whose from Indonesia. She and her husband was already 13 years in Melaka. Their sons still in Indonesia. One became a policeman in Jakarta, the second son still pursuing his study at the UGM, Yogyakarta. The last son lives in Kebumen, Central Java. She said for a month work at this hotel, she get RM 1.300. Her husband worked in the same company but different hotel and job get RM 2.000 per month. With the rupiah constantly degrades they have more money to safe in Indonesia. We have to cut the discussion because they had to go home. They rent a house near the Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. 

At 7. 30 we walked to Jonker Street, and yes, the night market was already busy with the transaction. Several bar also operated at Jonker Street. The street crowded with the people from several nationalities. Indonesia, of course, Malaysia, Myanmar, Chinese, India, and western countries. The vendors sell anything from local snack, cd, accesories, t-shirts, electronics, and one for all stuff. Near the far end of the street, there is a stage where Chinese people in Malacca perform on the weekend. When we were there, there are three old Chinese sang the songs. Actually one was the singer and one as the musician, and the other just dancing. When we visit Malacca on 2006,  the performer sang the Indonesia Tanah Air Beta in Chinese language. On the opposite side, near the San Shu Gong, there was a fortune teller perform in front of the audiences. We were not sure what he’d forecast.



There were no car park at Jonker Street that night. So people can walk easily and safely. The Jonker Street night market start from one end of Jl Hang Jebat to the other end. The other road nearby did not have the same atmosphere. In fact, on Jl. Tun Tan Cheng Lok, was very quiet. Thou there were several bars opened along several street connected to Jonker. This time, we only buy something to eat and unique t-shirt. Then we walk from one end of the market to the other end. Enjoying the lively atmosphere and watching people passed by. Seeing unique item displayed, hearing the seller and buyer haggling, trying the interesting food, and searching the specialty souvenir, was the experience we always love to repeat again and again. That is why we always visit the local market, whether day or night market. We still wanted to stay a bit longer. But, time was the constraint. We have to go to the MKZ. So we said goodbye to the sellers at Jonker Street. We hope someday we can see them all at the same place.

We spent more than two hours in that bustling night market. At 9.30 pm, we headed to the hotel to take a bath and wait for the taxi to drive us to the MKZ. We talked with Pa Jaya, an Indonesian, who work in Vietnam. His wife also Vietnamese, but the children registered as the Indonesia citizen. The clock read 22.15 when Pa Jaya retired to his room. A moment later, our taxi came. We say goodbye to the recepsionist whose came from Myanmar. He’s been always kind and help us while we were stay at the Cheng Ho Hotel. I forgot to ask his name, but he is the only Myanmar’s nationality work at the hotel. You should not be missed to recognized him. The address of the hotel is Jl. Tukang Emas 14, 75100.  No telponnya, 6062817261. Or you can email them at

We also book the taxi to MKZ from this hotel. It cost 20 RM. The fare is a bit steep, but everywhere in tourist area charge the same. The booking was confirmed and 15 minutes before 11 pm, the taxi arrived. We jump into it then heading toward MKZ. The journet took only 10 minutes. When we arrived, the bus terminal was almost empty, all the ticket counter already close. They usually closed at 10 pm. After asking several people, finally we find our platfor. Which is number 2, 3, and 4. No other passangers there yet. Only me and my wife. What made us surprise, there were still a lot of people wonderred around the terminal. Men and women. What a busy day for them…

We wait for almost an hour accompanied by night wind and the mosquitos. The bus came right on time. So at 12. 15 we depart from MKZ to LCCT. There are only 13 passangers including us. Lights off and this is the perfect time for us to take a nap.

The journey continue with our trip to Labuan….

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