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Malacca River Cruise

After take a short break at the Cheng Ho hotel, we visit Kampung Morten. Kampung Morten located about 1.5 km from our hotel area. We walk thru  the Kampung Hulu before reach the destination. On the way there we buy a 1,2 litre  drinking water. The price was only RM 1, half the price compare to the main tourist area. Well… If you can visit other country, then you must be rich. Let’s rip you off a little bit.

We walk along the Malacca River. And it took about an hour to Kampung Morten. This village actually is an ordinary one. The uniqueness about the place was the roof were all the same. Every house despite their size all have a set of light with the same model. The lights all turn on at about 7 pm. We thought that the lights were supported by the government.


This is on of the scenery of Kampung Morten. We also had Nasi Lemak for dinner with the steam peanut and ice lemon tea.


After having dinner we walk w bit further to find the Malacca River Cruise. The boat cruise the Malacca River from one end to the other. The other end is near the Maritime Museum, you know the one with the ancient ship shape. The cruise took 45 minutes two way in it will short your wallet RM 15 per person. If you are Malaysian and can show your ID then you only pay RM 10. We board the boat then enjoy the cruise. We took some photo but not all in good quality because of the light problem.

We were not take full journey back to the jetty. We alight at the dock number 8 near the famous Hard Rock Cafe, located just before the entrance to the Jl. Hang Jebat, the Jonker Street. We took some more photo in front of the cafe, we head back to Cheng Ho hotel. This end our second day in Malacca.

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