Lecture Notes on Leadership

Dear Fellow Readers This semester I start to give Leadership Lecture. This is my first time to share the experience regarding the leadership. I wish the experience I had in my previous job can help enhance the content of the lecture. The attached lecture notes is made by one of my colleague. Since this prepare

31 Aug 2015

Lecture Notes on Organizational Behavior

My fellow readers. The new semester has arrived and now I have to teach Organizational Behavior. What is organizational Behavior? According to Robbins & Judge, OB is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization’s effectiveness. There are

25 Aug 2015

Bandung by Bus

Good afternoon.This blog is about the public bus in Bandung. For ow, I just wrote about two routes. Dago to Leuwi Panjang and Leuwi Panjang to Ledeng. Dago is the well-known area in the north of town. Meanwhile, Ledeng is the transport hub if you want to visit Lembang. The Bus Number 5 (Dago –

15 Jul 2015

Transportasi dari dan ke Bandara Praya, Lombok

Hello there … Since I just cameback from Lombok, I will share some information for you regarding the transportation to and from the Lombok Praya Airport (LOP). This is the new airport repalcing the old one near Mataram. This airport is a bit far from the city centre. But, do not worry, because there are

23 Jun 2014



20 Jun 2014

The Next Step in Lecturer’s World

Hi Friends….   Yesterday I just got enter into a new level in lecturing. I received my Asisten Ahli status. I can’t believe I can have that. Thanks God, and thanks for the senior whose great help and support are so valuable. Especially Mr. Herry Irawan and Mr. Yusuf Budiana, both gave me a chance

17 Jun 2014

My First Experience with the University Blog

Hallooo … After a while, I finally decide to try to use the university Blog. If you wonder whi I took a long consideration, is that the reliability of the university IT still not convince me. But I hope they already improve and I find no difficulties in using it. See you soon

17 Jun 2014

Last mile in Malacca @ Jonker Street Night Market

This will be our last afternoon and evening in Malacca. We will depart to LCCT in KL at 11 pm. We already plan to walk down the memory lane once more at Jonker Street Night Market this last minute in Malacca. The sun was still shinning up above even thou it was already 4. 30

10 Feb 2014

The Last Day in Malacca

As we grew old and older, our strength became wear down. Several years ago, we can walk around from early morning till late afternoon or even evening. Then the next day we wake up early to continue our exploration. Now, we need more rest. On our last day in Malacca, we plan to visit the

08 Feb 2014

Malacca River Cruise

After take a short break at the Cheng Ho hotel, we visit Kampung Morten. Kampung Morten located about 1.5 km from our hotel area. We walk thru  the Kampung Hulu before reach the destination. On the way there we buy a 1,2 litre  drinking water. The price was only RM 1, half the price compare

07 Feb 2014
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