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Second visit to Mallaca

We arrived at the Melaka sentral bus terminal. We noticed that this terminal become more lively than when we first visit this heriatage city in 2006. 

The journey took precisely 2,5 hours. Our guesthouse located at the center of Mallaca heritage, the Hank Jebat are, also known as The Jonker Street. Melaka sentral located around 4 km from the city centre. Everyone who want to go to the city should take a public bus or taxi. We choose to use the public bus. Several blogs and forums in the internet said that the public bus is in a poor condition. We found that this is not true. In fact, it is very clean and convenient, also cheap. It only cost us 1.5 RM one way. There are several destination, we chose the No 17 bus which is also at the platform 17. The destination is Pasir Ujong. The bus will pass the chinatown and the Red House. You have to stop at the Red House. From there, you just walk to the Hank Jebat street. Very easy….

Our guesthouse is Santo Inn. We booked from We arrived in front of the guesthouse around 7.30 pm. Guest what?? The guesthouse is already closed, they only serve the guest until 7 pm! ! !  

What kind of guesthouse is this??? Closed at 7 pm?? We call to the office, nobody answered. Finally, we contact to ask about the matter. They told us to collect the money tomorrow afternoon. We will see the rssult tomorrow. My suggest you not to use this guesthouse. 

We then try to find other hotel, just a short walk, we saw Cheng Ho hotel. We try to see the room first. In fact it is better then we expected. Clean sheet, nice bed, private bathroom, aircon, hot water, and an extra pillow. For all the above facilities, we only have to pay 60RM. Nice receptionist also. Well, you know, bad things can sometime turn into a good experience. We absolutely WILL NOT come back to Santo Inn ever again. And You should do the same thing…..

After we put our thing, we stroll the old city. Most of the shop already close, coz it is almost 10 pm. We buy some food then heading back to the hotel to rest for the night. Mallaca is changing, and cha ging a lot. When we first visit in 2006,  the city is still quiet. Now, it is very crowded. And more shop and hotel open up. The cost to use the trisaw also rocketing to 40RM per hour. It is easy to understand coz there many tourists.

We will take a short break until tomorrow.

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