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Taming Sari, Mallaca from Above

We went back to our hotel. On the way, we stop at St. Francis church. It is difficult to take the picture here because the sun is right behind the church. So we skip the opportunity. Instead, we go across the street where the memorial wall to commemorate the anouncement of Mallaca as the world heritage.


The Famous chicken rice ball is next on our list. So we head to the Hoe Kee chicken rice ball. Located just behind the also famous San Shu Gong, which sells local product. If you know Kartika Sari, this store is almost the same concept.

Back to the Hoe Kee, we ordered one chicken rice and one chinese tea serve with ice. This was it look like before we ate them all.


The meal cost us only RM 9. It was cheap. We did not get the rice balls yet because they were short of staff. The lady promise us she will serve only five rice balls if we back on 12. What a great service. Our hunger qnd long for famous chicken rice was over. It end well.

Before we reach the hotel, once again we visit the Santo Inn. Still nobody there. This prove that the guesthouse is not well managed. Along with us, two of tourists who want to use the laundry also left. You should avoid this guesthouse. We reach the hotel, then we change the room.

A short while later, we back on the street. This time we headed to Mallaca tourist information centre, to ask about visiting A Famosa resort. To go there, we have to take public bus to Melaka Bus Terminal. From there, we change the bus, and then take the taxi. We think that it is not worth it. So we decide not to visit the resort. 

Next stop is Taming Sari Tower, where we can view Mallaca from 80 meters high. It cost us RM 20 per person. The ride only last about 7 minutes. Whether it is worth it or not, it depend on how you experience it. After the ride we took the photo with the tower as the background, then continue the journey to the Mahkota Pahlawan Mega Mall. If you are in Mallaca in the 2014,  don’t forget to ask the ‘visit Malaysia 2014’ sign or pin from the tourist information centre (located just across the Stadhuys and Clock Tower. You can use the pin to get the package deal for two adult and two children, only RM 45. You will also get some merchandise (hat, mug, or something else).



Melaka Taming Sari


The big mall but not quite full with the vendor yet. We take a rest for a while. Before entering the mall, we shop for souvenir on the market across the street. It is cheaper than the shop in fronth of the Red Building, Stadhuys. 

It was alreafy half past three p.m. We decide to went back to the hotel to take some rest. Tonight, we plan to join the river cruise along the Mallaca River. 

The evening in Mallaca will be our next writting.

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