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The Last Day in Malacca

As we grew old and older, our strength became wear down. Several years ago, we can walk around from early morning till late afternoon or even evening. Then the next day we wake up early to continue our exploration. Now, we need more rest.

On our last day in Malacca, we plan to visit the Masjid Tanah Melaka, located on the Malacca Island. We start this day from 8 am, by walking along the Jonker Street. Early morning is the best time to take the photograph of the building. We reach the end of the street and turn into Jl. Tun Tan Cheng Lok. The Famous Baba Nyonya Museum is here. The drawback of this site is they not allowing us to take photograph inside the premise. The entrance fee also a bit steep. About RM 20. So we just take the photo of the building from the outside, which is also a bit difficult. The street is too narrow for our camera to take the best shot.



The Masjid Tanah Melaka is 2.3 km from the heritage site. We have to cross the bridge to get there. After walking about 1 km we decided to take the taxi. It cost 15 RM. Very expensive for the journey which only 1.3 km.  Unfortunately for us, the bridge was close due to the state matter. The prime minister will attend the ceremony. We pay RM 10 for the taxi, then contin

ue to the mosque by foot. I did not respect the driver because the way he talked. I thought most of his races who lived in Malaysia did not have good attitude.

We walk 1500 steps to the mosque. It was hot and long walk, especially for my wife. Once we reached the mosque, it was very relieve. Here some of the images of the mosque.




It is quite beautiful. We can come inside tho, because it was prepared for the prime minister for Friday prayer. A long, hot and painfull walk paid off.

Exhausted with the 1500 steps back from the mosque, we took a rest at one of the food kiosk. We ordered nasi goreng, drink ice tea, and recharge our stamina. Around 30 minutes later we back on our feet and walk back toward the hotel. We already ask the hotel to extend our check out till 2 pm. They aggreed on that. Cheng Ho hotel is the best choice for your budget trwvel in Malacca.

On the way, we make two stops to recharge. First was inside the Dataran Pahlawan MegaMall, and second was the souvenir shop at Dataran Pahlawan, just opposite the Maritime Museum. Bought two shirts for me and my friend and several keychains.

It was almost 2 pm so we head straight back to the hotel. We get another extension so we can check out at 3 pm. We took shower and put our bags in the receptionist area. It was very pleasant stay at this hotel. If we ever visit Malacca again, Cheng Ho hotel is our budget choice.

The afternoon stroll to the Hang Li Poh will  be our next story.

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